Snamh Linn

Swimming Lesson FAQs

  • What is Halliwick Concept?

    According to the IHA website, The Halliwick Concept is an approach to teaching everyone, in particular, focusing on those with physical and/or learning difficulties, to participate in water activities, to move independently in water, and to swim. It is based on a belief in the benefits that can be derived from activities in water and sets out the fundamentals necessary for their learning. These benefits include physical, personal, recreational, social and therapeutic aspects. The Concept has influenced hydrotherapy techniques and has been developed into specific therapeutic exercises.

  • How long does it take to learn how to swim?

    I am asked this question quite a lot and it is a difficult one to answer.

    Everyone, children and adults learn at a different pace, which depends on a range of factors. For example, your confidence in the water, may not be as good as you anticipate until you start lessons. Here at Snámh Linn we adapt our lessons to your needs and the outcomes you expect.

  • At what age should a child start swimming?

    We recommend starting lessons with us when your child is 4 years old.

  • I am nervous of the water, is there anything you can do to help me?

    If you are nervous, we will be there with you, we believe in accompanying you in the water as it offers you more security. We take all our lessons step by step; we talk you through what you’re finding difficult and we only move on when you are comfortable.

    Like any sport the more you practice, the more you will achieve, especially at home!! After each lesson, we will conduct an evaluation of your experience ensuring we deal with any of your concerns before you leave. We want you to go home relaxed and proud of your achievements.

  • How big is the pool?

    Our endless pool is an intimate, friendly space for people of all ages, it is 15ft x 9ft x 3.5ft water depth. It is suitable for complete beginners, learners, and competitors.

  • What do I need for swimming Lessons?

    You will need your togs, towel, hat, and goggles. We have private shower facilities onsite also.

  • Am I too old to learn how to swim?

    It is never too late to learn to swim; swimming has numerous benefits for people of all ages.  All you need is a desire to learn.

  • I have previously struggled when learning to swim?

    If your journey to become a competent swimmer has been turbulent, it is possible that your lessons were not adapted to your unique needs. In group lessons, there is often a wide gap in ability, and a student can be left behind and become discouraged. All of our lessons at Snámh Linn are personalized to your unique needs.

  • Will everyone be watching me?

    No, we teach in a private setting, with only you and your instructor in the water.

  • I can swim, can you help me improve my technique?

    Yes, we teach every ability, whether beginner, improver or advanced.

  • I am signed up for a triathlon, can you help my swimming?

    Swim training with the Endless Pools® current is similar to swimming in open water – no turns, shared lanes, or stopping.

    The swim unit’s water flow is wider than your body and deeper than your stroke, creating a smooth, comfortable river-like current to swim against.

  • How many in a class?

    Unless you request swimming with a friend or family member, our lessons are one-to-one.

  • What lessons do you offer?

    We provide private one-to-one lessons in an exclusive setting.

  • How can I book lesson and how do I get started?

    We have a waiting list for peak time lessons due to high demand however off-peak times may be available.

    If you are interested in taking lessons with us, please fill out a booking form and we will contact you as soon as a spot opens that fits your requirements.

  • How long is a swimming lesson?

    Our swimming lessons are 30 minutes in duration and held every week at the same time for a minimum of four weeks.

  • Do I need to stay with my child?

    Yes, we operate to Children First guidelines.

  • Does my child need arm bands?

    When your child begins swimming lessons with us, we recommend that all floatation devices be removed, encouraging your child to experience the water. Floatation devices can give your child a false sense of security, leading to regression.

  • What is the cost of lessons and how do they work?

    Since we have a range of facilities ranging from individual pool use to classes and hydrotherapy sessions, rates differ depending on the circumstances.

    Swimming Lessons:

    • 1:1 – €120 – 4week term, one 30min lesson per week
    • 1:2 – €160 – 4week term, one 30min lesson per week
    • 1:3 – €180 – 4week term, one 30min lesson per week
    • 1:3 – €260 – 4week term, one 60min lesson per week

    Rehabilitation Exercises:
    1:1 – €120 – 4week term, 30min rehabilitation per week

    Swim Sessions:

    • Individual swim session €80 – 4week term – 30mins per week
    • Any additional persons €10 each per week – within the same 30min session
  • Can a family go swimming and what is the cost?

    Yes, we do take family swimming sessions, however, due to our busy schedule, we would have to discuss your particular needs in an attempt to accommodate you. The cost of a one-hour family swimming session is €60.

I had been thinking about learning to swim but doing nothing about it. My children gave me a voucher for ” Snamh Linn” and then it all began. Being on the wrong side of 50 and never really been in a pool, I was a complete beginner. Orla put me at ease straight away. She did everything at my pace. I never felt under pressure and Orla was always in the pool with me, always reassuring me. I always felt that no matter how bad I was Orla could sort me out. I always came away from the pool feeling that I had made a bit of progress. Orla has great patience and kindness and we always had a laugh. We joked that there was a book in me because when I did something that I wasn’t supposed to do Orla would have to do a bit of research. Safe to say I was a “work in progress”. We stuck with it. I enjoyed every minute of it and I can now swim a few lengths of a pool. Something, I thought that I would never be able to do. Orla runs a very professional business, is very dedicated to her swimming and such pleasure to deal with. Nothing is ever a problem. So thank you Orla.


Children’s Swimming Lessons

With an individualised swimming programme, your child will receive undivided attention from an accomplished swimming instructor with Snámh Linn.

Adult Swimming Lesson

Everyone’s swimming ability is different, some people just want to be comfortable in the water for holidays whilst others want to go enjoy water sports.

Intensive Lessons

Snámh Linn intensive weeklong swimming lessons allow swimmers to gain confidence and advance their skills in a short period of time.