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Transition Year Swimming Lessons / Water Safety

For the last number of years, we have been taking our local Transition year students swimming in UL, where they have learned to not only swim they have learned the basic lifesaving skills. What better time to learn a life skill.

Some of these students went on to become swimming teachers to enable them to work within the leisure industry while in school or college. The students’ and teachers’ feedback has been extremely positive.

You made it so simple Snámh Linn. For the past 5 years, Snámh Linn has run a swimming programme for our Transition Year Students. Each week the students went to University of Limerick where each student either learned how to swim, improved their technique, or had the opportunity to become lifeguards. At the end of the course, every student had to complete a swimming exam. It is an excellent run programme extremely efficient, as TY Co-Ordinator I had no planning to do, Snámh Linn looked after everything. Couldn’t recommend them enough.

Susan Lowe (TY Co-Ordinator) – Scoil Pól

My name is Matthew, I first met Orla two years ago when I was doing swimming lessons as part of my transition year programme in Scoil Pol. At first, I wouldn’t have regraded myself as a stronger swimmer but after a few weeks with Orla in UL sports arena, I couldn’t get over the improvement. We were thought water safety and rescue as well as swimming. I soon fell in love with the sport and when Orla mentioned the assisted swimming teacher course I couldn’t resist. Soon after I qualified as an assisted swim teacher, Orla offered me work experience at Snámh Linn. Orla not only taught me the technical aspect of teaching swimming but also massively improved my communication skills. A year after that I qualified as a full swimming teacher. Being qualified as a swimming teacher not only teaches you the techniques of swimming but you also learn how to save lives. Last summer my friend got into difficulty swimming in the sea out of his dept, luckily, I was there to come to his assistance, and I put into practice what I had learnt in TY and on my swimming teachers’ course, we both got to safety safely. I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to learn the basics of swimming you might never know when it can come in handy and with the knowledge and expertise of Orla Leddin, Snámh Linn is the place to be.

Matthew, TY Student