Snamh Linn

About Snámh Linn

About Snámh Linn

About Snámh Linn

We first opened our doors in 2017 to provide people with private, and exclusive swimming lessons. We believe that having someone in the water with you is key in our approach in helping you to acquire the skills in becoming a competent swimmer, as the trust you gain helps you to learn more quickly in a safe environment. Every person receives our full attention.

Located in the heart of the countryside, our private facility creates a learning environment in which you and your teacher will be the only ones in the water as you learn.

Kept at 32 degrees to ensure optimum comfort, our tidal exercise pool is an intimate but friendly space for people of all ages.

It is suitable for complete beginners, learners, and competitive swimmers.

Meet Orla

My name is Orla Leddin. I am a married mother of two teenage children and Snámh Linn is located adjacent to our home in Co. Limerick. Affiliated with Water Safety Ireland, I am an accredited, lifeguard, and swimming instructor. I completed foundation level in Halliwick concept, and I am a recently certified physiotherapy assistant.

As a primary school student, I began taking swimming lessons. However, as is often the case with young people, I found this experience challenging, even with my parent’s encouragement and summers spent by the sea in Ballyheigue.

Orla Leddin Swimming Instructor

After college, I worked as a buyer/planner in an office environment, and after having two children, I developed pubis symphysis, leaving me unable to do the most basic of tasks without pain. Standing and sitting was difficult. In trying to resolve my discomfort, I was encouraged to begin swimming. On re-entering the water, I discovered the therapeutic nature of it, and fell in love with all things related to swimming. The pain relief I received after just a few months was incredible, and this inspired me to pursue a career where I could share the benefits of swimming with others.

Swimming is something I am passionate about; helping children, teenagers, and adults to acquire this discipline for fun, fitness, and exercise gives me immense pleasure.

I have seen first-hand how beneficial swimming can be for everyone, especially those who may be in pain. Calming and stimulating, hydrotherapy is used in therapeutic and recreational environments.

Snamh Linn

Children’s Swimming Lessons

With an individualised swimming programme, your child will receive undivided attention from an accomplished swimming instructor with Snámh Linn.

Snamh Linn

Adult Swimming Lesson

Everyone’s swimming ability is different, some people just want to be comfortable in the water for holidays whilst others want to go enjoy water sports.

Snamh Linn

Intensive Lessons

Snámh Linn intensive weeklong swimming lessons allow swimmers to gain confidence and advance their skills in a short period of time.

I highly recommend Snámh Linn. The facilities are excellent and very welcoming. My daughter Jenna was terrified of water, I didn’t think she would ever swim or enjoy being in the water. But with coaching and encouragement from Orla her confidence grew and now she is now looking forward to each lesson and loving the water! Thank you, Orla.

Sinead, Jenna’s Mom