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Snámh Linn Swimming Pool
Snámh Linn Swimming Pool

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the ability to swim is not only a life skill, it’s a lifesaver

Why Learn to Swim?

Having the ability to swim is not only a life skill but it is a lifesaver. Gaining this skill can prove more challenging for some than for others.

Central to learning any new skill, the first step is a willingness to embrace a new challenge. Snámh Linn provides a safe, encouraging, and private environment, and along with expert tuition, your swimming programme is specifically tailored to your needs.

Why Learn to Swim with Snámh Linn

Children’s Swimming Lessons

With an individualised swimming programme, your child will receive undivided attention from an accomplished swimming instructor with Snámh Linn.

Adult Swimming Lesson

Everyone’s swimming ability is different, some people just want to be comfortable in the water for holidays whilst others want to go enjoy water sports.

Intensive Lessons

Snámh Linn intensive weeklong swimming lessons allow swimmers to gain confidence and advance their skills in a short period of time.

About Snámh Linn

We first opened our doors in 2017 to provide people with private, and exclusive swimming lessons. We believe that having someone in the water with you is key in our approach in helping you to acquire the skills in becoming a competent swimmer, as the trust you gain helps you to learn more quickly in a safe environment. Every person receives our full attention.

Snámh Linn – what can I say – Orla made the impossible happen – after spending hundreds on group lessons for our daughter she still wouldn’t put her head in the water, week 2 with Orla, Sally had her head in the water and is now a very confident young girl in the water. Sally has had lessons with Orla and other teachers at Snámh Linn and I cannot praise them all high enough, Snámh Linn has a great way with children to make the lessons fun and at ease. The 1 to 1 lesson makes a huge difference for both young and old – I say young and old because when I saw Orla succeed with Sally, I too took up swimming lessons with Snámh Linn, I was allergic to a swimming pool before this but after a few weeks with Orla I actually started to enjoy the lessons. To sum it up, you will go far and near to find a better service than Snámh Linn when it comes to swimming lessons.

Christine, Sally’s Mom